Xclusive Yachts

Dubai is the best place in the world to vacation, it is peaceful, a shopping paradise, and has wonderful beaches, a cosmopolitan atmosphere, a balmy climate, unless you vacation in the summer. Which is scorching. It has old fashioned country boats called Dhow that cruise at a sedate space. Xclusive Yachts and give you time to watch the waterfront and historic buildings. You can relax on the boat watch the life pass by.

Dubai Yacht Rental

If your idea of vacation is racing sea waves, you can go to Dubai yacht rental services where you can rent yachts that are capable of breaking speed records. The variety of yachts that can be rented in the city is mind boggling; you can rent a luxury yacht, starting from 45 to 85 feet. The biggest yachts can accommodate up to 40 guests, have a number of master bedrooms, sun deck, lounge, separate dinning and sitting areas and have adequate crew members to make your life easy.

If you are planning to celebrate birthdays, wedding anniversary, or arrange a cozy get together with your friends, without the usual distractions that are present in the hotels; rent a yacht, gather your friends and enjoy your party. You will find that when others become responsible for the chores of cleaning, decorating, catering, you need not worry whether the starters are enough or the dinner rolls you have ordered will last or not. Renting yachts, with a full crew and catering facilities is the best idea for celebrating special occasions.

Dubai Yacht Rental

The word exclusive or its fashionable use ‘xclusive’ means something. Something which is limited and does not come in large numbers.  We have exclusive housing, exclusive couture from exclusive fashion houses. Things and products that are limited in number and come with a price tag. This tag is also applied to yachts as well In the light of. So we have xclusive yachts that are different from the ordinary yachts.

A cruise on an xclusive yacht comes with a tag of extra attention, extraordinary food, extra space, and extra luxury.  To start with the yacht comes with an upper and a lower deck, giving you a choice to sit under the stars or relax in the air conditioned comfort. The cruise on an xclusive yachts lasts for a few hours, the yacht slowly cruises through. The historic and tourist spots of the city. While you enjoy dinner or breakfast, depending on the time of the day Furthermore. In the light of Catered by a five star hotel, consisting of both international and local dishes.

You can relax on the yacht and connect with the nature, watch the sun go down. Listen to the sound of the waves and enjoy breathing fresh air that is not polluted by the petrol fumes. The evening or the night turns magical when the sun goes down. And the stars appear in the velvety black night sky. They look bigger and brighter and you realize there is no pollution to dull the shine of the stars.